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About Me

My background

I am a mother, a reader, and a writer... a student of life & connoisseur of the beautiful and profound.

I am a Psychology Major, Ministerial Student and Human Resources professional for a non-profit company.

Most importantly, I am a single mother of two beautiful, strong and independent daughters.

My writing roots

I have always had an appreciation of the written word.  First, as a child, devouring knowledge form the pages of books... As a student discovering the vastness of the universe and my place in it.  Now, as a mother and professional, it is my hope to use my gifts to inspire others.

My style

Writing has long been a passion of mine, a calling, if you will. This is me, allowing myself to be vulnerable by sharing this passion of mine with the world. I would describe my writing as authentic, humorous, occasionally broody but relatable and deeply personal.  It is my hope to make a connection with my readers in a very real and meaningful way.